yesterdays session

 Thanks to all of you who came along, hopefully you found it beneficial.  We had a discussion about Task D and E.  I will give you a brief summary of what was said, for those who couldn’t be there

Task D – the skill of writing is fundamental to how we express ourselves as professionals.

Step 1 – think about audience, who is going to be reading your writing, perhaps pick someone you know as a starting point who is a potential reader and try writing to them
Step 2 – Know the purpose of what you are writing, what are you hoping to achieve by writing this piece.  Do you want to people to be inspired, angry, motivated. Think of the attitudes and emotions you want the reader to experience?  What actions will come from it for the reader?

So, approach each piece of writing individually.  The general suggestion (but check with your tutor) is that you should pick one thing to write about and write about it in 3 different styles.  It always helps to pick something real and connected with your professional practice.

We also came up some protocols for everyone to use…

1.    Your first post should not identify the writing style just label it writing task 1, writing task 2 etc.
2.    As people comment (task E) you can amend your writing piece to improve it base don the constructive feedback from your peers
3.    When you re-post it to your blog (don’t just edit the existing entry) you can post it as ‘academic style – version 2’
4.    And as always, make sure you keep a copy in a word document

Task E asks you to comment on other people writing styles.  I have a attached a little sheet that will help you identify some ways in which you can critique your peers writing.  Saying ‘I like this’ is only 5% of the feedback process, say, ‘I like this because…’ is the other 95%


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