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I am an experienced academic nearly thirty years teaching and research experience in both the UK and Australia, in the areas of adult education, work-based learning, marketing and creative industries management. I am currently the University of Sydney Business School  Professor of Business Education and Associate Dean Education.  I have worked as an academic and educational leader in several leading UK institutions, including most recently the London School of Economics and Political Science.

I am a Trustee of the Association for Learning Technology, which supports the professional and policy development of staff using educational technology.I am an experienced researcher, speaker and advocate specialising in pedagogical change, social media in education, the practices of making and community development and engagement in education and the creative industries. He co-leads the international Future Happens initiative, which uses innovative approaches to problem-solving and change management to engage the wider higher education sector in debates and research-informed conversations around technology, pedagogy and the future of the modern University.

I have worked on a number of work based and experiential learning projects, especially in the fields of creative industries and social sciences. I have worked with a variety of interactive technologies to enhance professional practice, and support & promote student learning. I have produced award winning podcasts and community radio programming in my native Australia and more recently here in the UK. I am as you might have guessed a music obsessive. I collect and curate a collection focusing not exclusively on Australian indie and alternative, French and European sixties garage and chanson and weird outside music. All of which you can hear on my three podcasts:


I am a DIY artist in the area of sound and am currently working with and making independent and DIY arts.  I have songs all over Soundcloud as DJRingfinger and A Sad Waltz in D-Minor, or you can check it out directly below.  Be warned, it’s not for kids, it contains rude words.

Oh and finally, the views here are my own and not those of my employer, you know the drill










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