approaching the writing task

It is interesting having a look just now at some of your blogs about the writing task.  There are a few ways you can approach this task.  You can write your piece, comment on someone elses and then say game over!

In simple terms we are looking at learning in action, where you try something, find it doesn’t work, so you search for another way around the problem, that helps  apply that, test it all over again and see if it fits.  Approaching your first post about writing as a first draft, review and reflect, did it work it, did it achieve my aim, check the comments, what do they say? triangulate between your objectives, your own perceptions and that of your colleagues.  Then make improvements to your work.  Have you perhaps drawn on some other examples outside of your peers..did you go other websites, other examples to find inspiration?

I think it would be really valuable when you hand in Task D to add a few paragraphs as an introduction explaining the process you went through to get your work to the stage where you are ready to hand in…it would be a really valuable exercise in critical reflection…and one that will hold you in good stead for the next module! 

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