Some general feedback on Kolb – Task C

I have really enjoyed everyones engagement with Kolb’s theory of learning.  The two phase aspect of Kolb (how you learn and the fact that reflection on your practice is essential) has led to some really well though approaches to your learning.  If any of you have had a chance to look at Brookfield’s work on reflective mirrors and Meizrow’s work of giving meaning to experience take the idea of learning to a broader level.  If you wish to take your undertsanding of learning further, I’d suggest having a read of Brookfield’s paper listed below

In your posts, you have all addressed how you have moved through Kolb’s cycle in terms of an experience or a skill.  Perhaps, thinking about the meaning of that experience will broaden your understanding of how you learn.  Did that experience lead to an important or fundamental change to your practice?  Another idea that impacts on your learning through the Kolb cycle is connected to how authentic was the learning or experience.  I could learn how to speak some words in German from my friend, I could reflect, but did my friend teach me the right pronunciation?  I might not find out my error until I try and order a beer and end up getting a glass of milk!  Authenticity refers to whether the learning resulted in a change in practice, a reinforcement of the way you do things now or the sharing of practice with others.

For some good exemplars of going deeper into Kolsb work, have a look at Abii Williams blog

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