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I have read through everyone’s blogs over the last few days.  I hope you can use some of the general feedback to reflect upon and improve your work on task A before you submit to your advisor.One common theme was the assertion that what you do isn’t professional. I mean, what is professional? The idea that the personal aspects of our lives can be considered part of our professional practice.  So, I make music at home, I do it for fun.  Do I approach it in a professional way? I re-do segments, I remix, I redo guitar parts, i throw out whole pieces because they are not working, i think about how my audience may enjoy or appreciate the piece.  These are components of what most people would consider professional behaviour.  So keep in mind that all activities you do can be part of professional practice.Some further quick observations from your posts…

The personal is professional…expression and creativity go into all aspects of being a professional

Another aspect of professionality is the pride in what you do, the emotional connection you have with the work, the result or process.  Your practice will stagnate if you lose the passion.

This is one of the reasons why people suggest that there is a 7 year rule for professional practice, that we look towards a career change or shift every 7 years or so.  Its not hard and fast, but what underpins it is the desire to not stagnate or get stale.

The sharing of resources is an important aspect of professional practice.  I liked the fact that a lot of the posts talked about mentoring, teams and leadership.  All of these come from a willingness to share practice.

Many of your resources are related to social media (spotlight, youtube etc).  What do you think of the reliability of the information that comes from these sources? How do decide what to believe and what to ignore? How do you search these sites? What tags or categories do you use to filter the type of information you seek?  How do you decide what you read is real? Fake? important? Valid? Relevant? That is the next stage of your analysis for your resources.




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