Shameless self-promotion – How do I know any of this was real?


I have been working on a variety of radio, podcasting and sound art projects for years under my DJ non-de-plume – DJ Ringfinger.  These have varied between shows about Australian indie music (which I shamelessly plugged last year) through to some more experimental multimedia projects.  I usually like to keep my worlds only slightly bleeding into each other.  However, my latest piece, a sound collage-musique concrete composition called ‘How do I know any of this was real?’ is based on two common themes that I have written about this blog.

Firstly, I wanted to explore the idea of the digital stranger, and how much we and others we interact with, reveal about the real ‘us’ and from that what identity/s we construct through and because of that interaction.  And secondly, I am fascinated by the idea of realness and authenticity in on-line engagement, what constitutes it? Who decides what is real and authentic anyway?

Some of the spoken word comes directly from the text of this blog, which is why I spruiking it here.

For those of you into the specs of the piece; the words are spoken by Calisto (a voice actor) from (which is a site that links products and services to consumers for a nominal $5 fee) and the sounds are manipulated and contorted short samples from 1950s and 1960s classical-xploitation records.

(artwork by Melbourne street artist RONE


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