all my other pursuits

I think there needs to be a convergence of everything we do in lfe, otherwise it becomes all one giant log-in.

So, here goes a quick summary of most of my web presences and when I can work out permalinks on this site, they will all be there for eternity.


A Walk in the Black Forest is my political comedy show I do with two odd called Abe and Richard.  We think we are funny, we really, really do.  We have been on-air for over 10 years on 2RRR 88.5fm. We have a show blog and archive of podcasts at this site.

Fabrication De Bruit is my art noise show, combining found sounds, original compositions, weird esoterica, strange music, odd records and noise.  It is broadcast on 2RRR as well, but is currently being podcast from this blog.


I work under the name of Ingresso Libero and have some of music available on my MySpace page.  For some reason MurdochSpace deleted the music side.

I also DJ clubs and venues (mainly French sixties music or Australian indie music).  I have DJ’ed the Metro and the Taxi Club and Bar Eleven in New York City as part of the Babypop Collective and have done sets at Cafe Lounge, the Lansdowne and the Mandarin Club.  I have also DJ’ed between sets for Francoiz Breut.   What’s left of the Babypop site (with pics and tracks and the like) is here.


I like street art, the ephemeral pictures, posters, stickers, stencil and the like that appear one day to be replaced, added to or wiped away the next.  I take pics of street art everywhere I go in the world.  I keep all of those at my flickr site.

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