using google docs and the notion of sharing

Hey all from sunny, war, hot, summery Sydney (have I rubbed it in enough 🙂

This post is of relevance to all learners who are using google docs, but of primary concern to the WBS 3861 gang.  It is something I posted in response to Rosina on her blog
The sharing thing is an interesting idea. The intention is to help form what is called a community of practice, where as in the workplace we work in teams, the same can occur with your project. A few other people have talked about not being enthusiastic about sharing and that is an understandable reaction.

I will post here what I told them. You don’t have to share everything, the whole report or anything you think might be sensitive or might be in conflict with your promises to the people you are interviewing. You might want to share something you found interesting in your research and want to share or find someones opinion on. Or it might be something that you find challenging, or just want another pair of eyes to look over. Share what you feel comfortable with.

Secondly, you don’t have to share with everyone, share with who you feel comfortable with. Use the invite feature to select which of your BAPP colleagues you want to share with. Form your own community with your friends and fellow learners. If you want to share with everyone, of course, go ahead!!

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