feedback on CV task

I have been reading through everyones CV and about me sections.  It has been a fascinating and interesting experience.  I hope all of you have gone through the process of reflecting on your CV not just a document that helps you get a job, but as away of representing what you have learnt and the skills you have.  Have you checked out other peoples blogs and their approach to describing their professional practice as it stands? 

Some general feedback – it is really valuable to see many of you include goals and aspirations, exploring why you have chosen different paths (such as teaching) and how you came to that decision.

Challenge each piece of information you put in your CV – why is it there? On the same note challenge why you leave certain information out of your CV

 How does the information in the CV represent the professional person I wish to show to the world?

some ideas to help with developing a better CV

This is a resource you can use to improve your CV assessment (task A) through some reflective practice.  I have found that a ‘first principles’ approach where you deconstruct even the simplest and most common of things (such as a CV) helps to make the final product a more uselful document but also adds a sense of rigour to what you are doing.